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Shadow successful investors on their journeys.

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Step 1

Find An Investor to Start Shadowing

What are you looking to learn? Is it a specific strategy or are you looking to invest in your area? Did you come to the platform with someone in mind or are you looking for someone to shadow?

step 2

Shadow The Investor(s) You’ve Picked

We love books, but there are a lot of things in the real world of investing that happen that aren’t, and can’t, be covered in books — that’s where your investor comes in. See what’s really going on in their business.

step 3

Your Turn to Become The Investor

You’ve spent weeks, months, years, shadowing some of the most successful investors. Now, it’s your turn to make your dreams a reality. It’s your turn to become the investor.

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Why Shadow?

The #1 piece of advice successful real estate investors give is to partner with someone successful, find a mentor, or work for someone successful for free. It’s because all of these things give an inside look at what they’re doing. You can do exactly that by shadowing investors on Investor Shadow.


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House Hacking


Featured Investors

Robert Leonard

Long-distance rentals, Light BRRRR's, House Hacking, RV Rentals

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could this be you?
what will their
strategy be?

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Will this be you?
what will their
strategy be?

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Should this be you?
what will their
strategy be?


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Share the details of your real estate investing journey, while generating additional, recurring monthly income. Use the Investor Shadow platform to add another pillar to how your real estate business helps you build wealth.